“The Migration Industry”: Agency & Gendered Representations in Southeast Asia

From the physical movement of peoples across nation-state borders to the informal industries that form as a result, the growing commercialization of transnational migration has resulted in the coining of the term “migration industry”. Government and non-state actors alike both impact and have been impacted by migration in both “sending” and “receiving” countries, and a gendered analysis reveals the vulnerability and agency of communities that continue to be systematically marginalized.

Join the Contemporary Asian Studies Student Union on Wednesday, March 19th for a panel discussion on the implications of this wide-reaching phenomenon with Professor Rachel Silvey, Professor Eleanor Ty and Joy Sioson of the Philippine Women Centre of Ontario.

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/243309695841982/

2014 March - Migrations Panel


RACHEL SILVEY, Associate Professor, University of Toronto at the Department of Geography, focuses on the politics of migration and transnationalism with attention to the ways in which Indonesian people’s spatial mobility is produced and controlled. She is interested in developing connections between critical political-economy, migration studies, and transnational feminist theory in order to explore how and why specific geographies and meanings of value are forged, interpreted, and counter-acted in Indonesia. Her projects center on the cultural and economic politics of development, the gendering of labor migration, and the role of the state in shaping local and transnational spaces of work.  Her most recent work also examines the Indonesian-Saudi migration of domestic workers, migrants’ rights NGOs, and debates about gendered modernity and liberalism as they intersect with political Islam in Indonesia.

JOY SIOSON is the chair of the Phillipine Women Centre of Ontario (PWC-ON), a non-profit organization hosted at the Magkaisa Filipino community centre in Toronto. The PWC-ON focuses on the issues of Canada’s live-in caregiver program and the forced migration of Filipinos, and works through political campaigns and policy research to combat systemic racism and economic marginalization. The PWC-ON is also a member of the Congress of Progressive Filipino Canadians (CPFC).

ELEANOR TY is Professor of English & Film Studies at Wilfrid Laurier U. She has published on Asian North American literature and on 18th Century British women writers.  Author of Unfastened:  Globality and Asian North American Narratives (U Minnesota P 2010), The Politics of the Visible in Asian North American Narratives (U Toronto P 2004), she has recently co-edited The Memory Effect: The Remediation of Memory in Literature and Film with Russell Kilbourn (WLUP 2013).

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